PPLA Officers 2020-21

President:  Lisa Placke

Vic-President: Meg Casper

Secretary:  Jeanine Margolen

Treasurer:  Maggie Ruzicka
© 2016 Perry Park Resort Owners Association
Serenity Garden Bricks

It is time once again to order
bricks for the Serenity
Garden. Our military section
represents all branches of
the service. The bricks make
wonderful B-day,
Anniversary, or I love you
gifts. For new families that
have just moved in please
take a walk through the
garden. We have plenty of
room and would like to add
your families name to our
garden. This garden is for
both the living and those that
have passed.
Perry Park Resort Owners' Association
Purchase your Serenity Garden
Bricks Today!

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PPLA Meetings will now
be held quarterly on the
3rd Saturday of the month at 10am
at the Community Center.

Next Meeting:
October 17, 2020